A Charlie Mae girl is dignified, sexy and adventurous. You radiate sunshine and surround yourself with those who give you strength and love. You act mindfully, and confidently care for those around you, you are beautiful inside and out. You are a simplistic, beautiful softness that adds to our pieces with the perfect blend of delicious style, health and the natural beauty which is you.
Meet some of our girls!

Steph Dixon

Claudia Pitt

 Olivia Mathers

Shaniah Antrobus

Sammy Jo

Karri Nicholas

Beth Ireland

Maddison Clare


Leah Gerseling


Talhy Mans

Rachel Barwick

Georgina Robinson Egan

Adriana Jennings

Sara Fitch

Tamsyn Coles


Lucette Romy


Michelle Bagara

Sophie Grosser